My path into writing began with an arts and culture blog I started while in college. After two years of blogging, in 2012 I began working with the arts and culture magazine, Polari, where I was appointed their Senior Writer. Polari provided a creative space to develop my voice where I gained extensive experience in publishing, design and online networking. In the years since, my work has been published in several international outlets, including The 405 and No Fear Of Pop, covering a wide range of topics, including; music, film, art, literature, theatre, health and psychology. In 2014, I was assigned Subeditor of ODOU – a magazine exploring smell and perfume through creative writing, design and photography. 

At a time when art is becoming increasingly accessible and fleetingly consumed, my hope in writing is to encourage the types of relationships amongst readers that I have established with my favourite artists. My passion for art, in all its forms, is based on an unwavering belief in its potential to act as a mirror in our lives; helping us to reflect and understand ourselves and the world around us. 

The aspect of writing, which I have come to treasure most, is the interview. I have been fortunate enough to speak with musicians, directors, authors, playwrights, dancers and other artists to gain an understanding of their perspective and creative process. With each person I have spoken with, I have gained invaluable insights into the lives of others, and myself, in the process.